Youth unemployment was 973,000 in June 2013 or 21.4% when national unemployment fell to 7.8%. Evaluate why youth unemployment was so high and the consequences for government.

| April 21, 2014

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The answer should be well structured with an introduction and conclusion. The answer should make effective use of unemployment analysis, including diagrams.
Students should define the economic terms identified in the essay title.
Provide trend of unemployment/youth unemployment over time.
Explain the types of unemployment – equilibrium/disequilibrium.
Provide reasons for the sharp rise in youth unemployment – 3-4 reasons and analyse them.
Conclusion – summarise the main points on unemployment/youth unemployment. Evaluate the main factors that determine youth unemployment?
A minimum of six sources should be used. All diagrams and quotes need to be sourced and included in the Reference List. Citations should be used throughout the essay. The Reference List must be in alphabetical order.
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