Youth allowance ( policy practice subject)

| August 30, 2015

Youth allowance ( policy practice subject)

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My chosen topic is youth allowance,
Writen proposal on youth allowance


* The Graduate Qualities being assessed: GQ1, GQ2, and GQ4.
* Re-submission and re-marking is not applicable to assessment 3

Individual continuous requirements:

The submission (in class) of a written proposal for your policy analysis paper 1 by 4 September 5:00 pm (approximately 500 words).

The proposal should include:
clear identification of the actual policy name/title as per policy product document/s
launch/implementation date
outline the key issues and issue drivers that you have selected to analyse their problematisations
discuss the focus you are taking through which conventional and alternative analytical frameworks
identify how the literature you have already sourced underpins your analysis
reference list

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