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Project description

write your answer in a word document or other common file type that can
Upload your file by the due date.
Remember that once a file is submitted, you cannot re-submit another file.
Computer Literacy Assumptions
It is assumed that students know how to do a screen capture and trim/crop an image. For
example, on PCs, one can use the Snipping Tool application to select part of a webpage.
WSJ Assumptions
It is assumed that students have a student subscription to the WSJthis provides both print and
online access for students. A subscription is a course requirement.
Technical Support
Please contact your course friends if you have difficulty with this assignment.
If your still need help, please contact the course TAs for assistance. Their contact information is
on the course syllabus.
There is a document that explains the allowed file types that you are able to upload.
If you need to get a student subscription to the WSJ to get online access, go to the syllabus to get
instructions on how to get a discounted student semester subscription.
Assignment Motivation
One of the important aspects of the business world is that people use graphs and data to illustrate what is
going on. The business world is quantitative and it is important to realize how businesses use numbers.
However, one number by itself is not helpful to give insight. It takes at least two numbers to provide
insight on something.
There are some basic strategies that people use to put numbers in to context.
See how a number changes over time
Compare numbers from two or more companies
Compute a number in different ways: total sales and total sales/per employee.
This assignment is to have you look at the WSJ and find instances of where this is done in articles.
Page 1 of 2Assignment
For this assignment, you are to find a total of four graphs and/or tables from the WSJ online that show or
illustrate the concept describe in the motivation.
Use a screen capture tool to clip a graph or table and put them in a Word document (or equivalent). You
must find four different examples from four different articles.
Provide a description of how two numbers are being used. That is, explain in your own words, how two
numbers are used and not just one.
You must also provide the citation for the article. This means you need to have the title of the article, the
date, and author. Use WSJ articles only, do not use Blog posts or WSJ videos.
No credit will be given to students who use scanned images or photos from a physical newspaper.
Student subscriptions come with physical newspaper delivery, so it is easier to use the physical
newspaper to quickly find articles that have graphs or tables that meet the assignment criteria.
But use the website for this assignment.
Articles from course readings cannot be used for this assignment.
Here is an example of an article where at least two numbers were used, we have the difference between
men and women. We see that men and women basically sing at the same rates.
Source: WSJ, How Many Gold Medalists Sing Their
National Anthem on the Podium? By Ben Cohen, Feb
20, 2014


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