Writing ONLY "Analysis" for a Dissertation Based on Given Interviews (Primary Data Collection)

| April 3, 2014

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This assignment is the “Analysis” part of a dissertation. You can find the research proposal, interviews and the dissertation (without analysis) attached. I would like you to write the analysis part for the dissertation, please read my following instructions and follow them attentively:
1. The analysis part should be based upon the interviews. You should first read the proposal and the dissertation to gain enough information about what the research represents and then attempt to start with the interviews.
2. The interviews have been conducted with managers of a Saudi company (SABIC). The main purpose of the interviews is to find out the role of accounting information in decision-making process in a big business.
3. First you need to create a theme for your findings (from the interviews) and then analyse those findings critically.
4. It is very important that you use ranking methods and charts to demonstrate your findings. You can come up with a statistical model of some sort, I don’t mind ingenuity on your part as long as it fits the research framework.
5. Please bare in mind that this is supposed to be a First Class standard piece of work, therefore I really expect you to dig deep into the interviews and deliver a cohesive collusion based on your findings.
6. Apart from any other themes that you are going use, I would like you to create a TOP FIVE theme, the other themes are up to you. But the TOP FIVE theme should include the top five issues that managers think accounting can help them make better decisions, and the top five accounting issues that cause ambiguity in strategic decisions made by managers. Of course these top five issues (for and against accounting information) should be based on the interviews.
If you had any question please ask me, I rather have a lengthy correspondence in case there was ambiguity within my instructions than having a piece of work which is not based on them.
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