World Vision Canada

| April 19, 2014

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Some innovations have a worldwide impact, while others may only affect a small group Not all innovations are technical in nature; some of the most fascinating ones occur in the social realm (Borstein text). The purpose of these assignment is to write a research paper on World Vision Canada. (
Research Paper Requirements:
1. A minimum of 10 “distinct” sources are needed in this paper. That is, while you may cite a given source many times, must have 9 other sources to support the facts provided.
2. Must only use sources for which full text is available in PDF form( Academic journals). Only the website of the company is allowed to be used apart from the PDF sources from academic journals.
3. For each citation, refer to the page number of the source. For example, (Robertson, 2009, p.9).
4. A common mistake by students is to use page 1 in the citation. This typically (though not always) suggests that the student did not actually read the cited materials.
5. Use direct quotes sparingly (no more than 20% of your paper).
6. Start your research with academic journal databases, where many sources are available in PDF format.
7. Include All the PDF sources as attachments apart from being listed in the reference.
Some of the points to be addressed in the research paper :
1. What is the core problem (s) that this organization addresses?
2. What is their strategic plan and mandate?
3. What is the organization strategic plan?
4. What are the relevant statistics, facts, and quantitative data that proves this organization is successfully meeting its mandate?
5. How is this organization dealing with change?
6. What two innovative ideas can you think of to improve the services offered by this organization?
7. Add a heading to the paper “Evidence of Success” and allocate at least one page to discuss this evidence. i.e. provide evidence of how many use these services for a short period and move on to self-sufficiency (stats), then you have nailed the point. That said, if you build a school for children in a community, that by itself is good enough to demonstrate viability of an organization.
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