world media systems

| April 12, 2015
world media systems
Your final project will be comparing media systems in different countries or comparing the different stages of media system in one
country overtime. Your project needs to be created and presented in any digital form, e.g. website, blog, or other platforms. Your
project needs to meet the following requirements:
• Comparative: Your project needs to compare similarities and differences of any media issues or media elements within one country
over time or cross country at the current time.
• Empirical: Your data/evidences to support your arguments have to come from experience or observation. They may appear in the form of
numbers, interviews, surveys, video clips, etc.
• Theoretical: Your comparative project needs to critically apply the theories and variables we have talked about throughout the
Key parts to be included in your project:
• Give a brief background and rationale for your project (ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. What interests you most
to do such a project other than meeting the class requirement).
• Identify the media topic/issue and media element(s) you are comparing.
• Demonstrate a critical understanding and application of the theories.
• Use concrete data/evidence/examples to support your arguments.
• Have some balance of texts and graphics and audio/visuals.
• Give some sort of conclusion.
• A reference list
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