Women's role in Hinduisim and Judaism

| April 6, 2014

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This paper is going to be a final version of the draft that i have uploaded. This draft was purchased from this website. I would like the paper the next paper to include the following revisions:
-The paper is not anchored firmly on the topic of WOMEN’S roles in Hinduism and Judaism. This paper is too generalized, it needs to be more specific and to the point.
-There are some contradictions in the HINDUISM part, especially when talking about the Vedic traditions and where women stand. Have some examples about the Vedic tradition in terms of women’s roles in Hinduism, “what does the Veda say about women’s roles in Hinduism, examples?”
-There is no awareness to caste systems in this paper, I want this paper to have more awareness of women’s roles in caste systems AND explain a bit on how they were viewed in terms of : Jobs, Marriage, divorce, and women’s religious and social roles. please give examples too.
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Category: Gender and Conflict Studies, Religion and Theology

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