Wireless Networks & Applications

| April 5, 2014

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Assignment Requirement:
A group of three friends who graduated last year from the CSE department are interested to establish a business firm that provides IT services and problem solutions. They have considered of doing feasibility study for several IT service ideas, including the Service Delivery Platform for Mobile Content including the , which they learned in the course for wireless networks and application. As with other businesses the feasibility study investigates many requirements such as; Collecting information, system analysis and design, cost analysis , etc. With this regard, you requested to help in the feasibility study, particularly to investigate the following requirement;
You requested to search the internet for a current system, more advanced to the Content Management and Delivery Platform (CMDP) presented in the lecture not posted to you already. Discuss the key features of the system you found that the CMDP doesn’t have.
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Category: Networking and Telecommunication

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