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| April 5, 2014

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A. Do marketing goal and objective. What marketing strategy they use
B. Find Break-even. Also the 3 years Revenue, expenses, and Gross Margin.
C. Recommendation
D. Executive Summary
The first 1-3 sentences should summarize in specific terms your proposed action and the benefits such action will bring to the organization. Specific means that you present you recommendations in precise enough terms for a manager to make a quick decision if the case situation were real. If your assignment is to choose from several alternatives, your summary should be something like “It is proposed that the company does (your suggested action). This will result in (outcomes).”
E. Rationale Behind Your Recommendations
In one or two paragraphs you must summarize the market, competitive, and internal factors that are driving your decision, giving the rationale for adopting your action plan and discarding alternative action plans. Among the items that MAY (please read as “not always”) enter your rationale are:
1. Strengths and weaknesses of the firm. Make sure you are building on strengths and offsetting weaknesses as much as possible.
2. Organizational constraints and characteristics. As mentioned earlier, recommendations that involve throwing out the company’s established practices and culture abruptly do not play out well. Be realistic.
3. Competitive landscape. In many situations it will be important to anticipate competitive responses to the various alternatives and to choose the one that is most likely to help your company’s competitive position.
4. Sustainable advantage. Keep in mind those things that make your company great and successful, and do not make recommendations that compromise your sources of advantage unless they are absolutely necessary.
5. Organizational objectives. You may be asked to develop solutions within the constraints of a far-reaching corporate strategy. Compatibility with overarching company goals is important.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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