Will and desire can help people protect their accomplishments

| February 27, 2015
This is a Humanities essay, the professor wants me to write a analytical /reflective essay based on the reading material and the critical thingking question 2 and 3 to establish this essay. The reading is from “BECOMING AN ACTIVE READER” by Eric Henderson. I would choose the question #2 (b),”we know that science has the potential to alleviate hunger, disease,and even war.But without the will to protect these accomplishments…” as my prompt. I wanna talk about the American city Detroit as a example, it has car industrial, but it bankrupt for other reason nothing with science. And maybe i can talk about Dubai, the new lagend city with science tech and strong will or Las Vegas. The topic I give you is not necessary, and for this 4 pages essay is not include the title page and cited work page.
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Category: Sociology

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