Why women shouldn't be in comboat units or comabt related job's in the US armed forces.

| December 5, 2015

So here is a guideline to the paper.
•The Final Draft must have numbered pages located in the bottom center of your paper. No last names attached to them. There must be NO page number on the cover page.
•The introduction must not be larger than half a page.
•The introduction must have a thesis as the last sentence in the paragraph.
•An introduction should start with an attention getter. A shocking statistic, a story that ties into the topic, a rhetorical question, these are all good ideas.
•Once you have written an attention getter, focus on keeping the theme of your paper present.
•An example of a working introduction
Do you believe in life in other planets? I do. Ever since mankind first looked at the stars we’ve asked ourselves “are we alone?”
Well, I think there’s enough evidence for us to finally answer that question. In this paper I’m going to give a history on alien sightings and conspiracies throughout the modern age, examine the various evidence that our visitors left behind, and attempt to convince you that yes, aliens exist and they’ve been here for some time.
-Your first paragraph after the introduction should match up with the first point of the thesis. Most of the time it’s the history of whatever you’re discussing. Your sources should be about that part of your thesis.
•Remember to cite after using a source.
•Remember you don’t have to cite a source after you’ve already cited it once…UNLESS you use it again later in another paragraph. Then cite again.
-Cite when you quote a source. Cite when your paraphrase a quote. Cite anything you didn’t come up with.
•When it comes time to transition to a different part of your thesis, use a transitional sentence. They can be really obvious: “Moving on, let’s examine the evidence.” They can be smooth “Which bring us to our next point; evidence.” Or they can be subtle enough that it takes a second to realize we’ve already moved on.
•Make sure you’ve used 10 sources.
•I have to point out that you need at least 8 academic sources. You can have more. You cannot have less.
•You are allowed to have one chart/mega quote/graph/photo or etc so long as it’s roughly half a page. One. If you have anything other than one of those items you will have to make up the difference page wise.
•In the next to last paragraph please include why you chose this topic and why it matters to you. What made you pick this one? What drives you to convince others you are right about this? How long does it have to be? I don’t really mind how long you make it, but it has to be realistic. It can’t be 5 pages. Anywhere from a few sentences (good sentences) to half a page to a page works. But anything other than that and it’s overkill.
-Your conclusion should have your thesis reworded and it needs to be the FIRST sentence. “By examining the history and the evidence that aliens have visited our planet, I hope I’ve convinced you they do exist.”
•Your conclusion should be focused on telling me what you just told me.
•Your final sentence should be something that makes me want to say “WOW.” However, that being said don’t try to say something shocking just for the sake of shocking. Forcing a “wow sentence” doesn’t always work.
•Works Cited page must be in alphabetical order.

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