Who Are My Students?

| April 3, 2014

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Please STRICT with RUBRIC that I uploaded. The school name is (William Green Elementary School). Charts must not make up more than 2 pages of the assignment. Graphs must be constructed and not just a cut and paste from the web site.I uploaded Example chart don’t use its content just get the idea of how the charts will look like on this assignment. THOSE are the sixth RESOURCES that i uploaded and MUST use, In addition to JUST ONE article you may add as a resource related to ELs: 1- wright book(I upload it as scanned pages).please use just 2 quotes from this book. 2- annotated bibliographies. please use just one quote from this annotated bibliographies.. 3- Title III. 4- Class notes.5- ED-DATA website.6- California Department of Education 7- ELs article(I don’t upload this article you may use your article that related to ELs).
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