what is the Culture and ethics impact on country economy's

| February 5, 2015

what is the Culture and ethics impact on country economy’s?

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Topic: Culture and ethicsAssessment Item 1Title:Research reportPurpose:To demonstrate a thorough understanding of an important aspect of the Asian business and policy environment; and to articulate findings and analysis in a structured and accessible fashion.Length or Duration:2,000 words, Group or Individual:IndividualOptional or Compulsory:CompulsoryTopics:1 – 5Description: Select one country from Asia.Critically discuss how one of the topics covered in Weeks 1-5 of the unit impact upon business processes in that country. Use examples to illustrate your answer. Assignment instructions and suggested report structureYou are required to write a research report which demonstrates you can both understand and apply the impact that a key theoretical concept can have on the processes of doing business in an Asian country.To do this, you are first required to identify the key elements of in your chosen theoretical topic. These key elements then need to be analysed in terms of what impact (how and why) they may have on the business processes in your chosen Asian country. You need to draw on a range of sources and link theory to practice. Set out below is a suggested report structure and hints on how to approach each part of your report.The report may include but should not necessarily be limited to: Executive summary (not included in the word count)Introduction Introduce the report by giving a brief overview of the topic and stating the purpose of the report.Theoretical overview (needs to be very brief) simply outlining, in a sentence or two, what the specific theory is and why it is important.Different elements that make up the theory.Identify the various elements of take make up the theory and why are they important to business processes.Analyse how the various parts of the theory impact of the business processes on the country you have selected. Use practical illustrations to demonstrate how the theory (and the different elements that make up the theory) can,…


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