Ways of the World, a global history

| May 10, 2015

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Guidelines for papers
Each paper should be 4 to 5 font 12 typed single-spaced pages.
Your paper must include 8 separate documents from the Ways of the World, a global history with sources volume 1: To 1500 by Robert W. Strayer. On top of your paper state specifically by number which 8 documents you are using (for example, document 3.1, 4.2 etc.)
Your paper must have a thesis that ties the 8 documents together. Do not simply analyze each document individually. Each document must be used in support of your overall theses. As you write your paper, always make it clear the documents to which you are referring. Any paper which is plagiarized or copied from another student will receive a grade of zero.
Purpose of assignment and criteria for paper
The purpose of the writing assignment is to produce a deep critical analysis of the weekly reading, in which you investigate and examine what the various authors or theories are advancing.
Avoid busy-work: Do not provide a mere summary of what the author states, but examine the works, providing your own insight and evaluation, telling the reader something beyond what the author or theory does, furthering the discussion beyond that advanced in the text.
Read between the lines, being constantly aware of the authorial perspective, bias and agenda. Read critically, engaging the author or theories, exploring their strengths and weaknesses. Consider why material is significant. How does it fit into the social and historical context?
Be thorough, providing broad coverage of the various topics addressed in the readings. Do not simply pick one aspect of the readings while ignoring the others.
Be specific and detailed, making explicit reference to the content of the readings. Do not provide a vague and lazy analysis in which no facts of references are made. These specific facts, or examples, will serve as the evidence in support of your assertions.
Make explicit connections in which you compare and contrast the reading with other material. Be imaginative in demonstrating how the readings tie in with class discussions, readings, films, or current events. Try and provide a thematic whole in which you link the various topics together.
While this assignment calls for you to make assertions, try to base these assertions on specific evidentiary examples. Avoid personal digressions or opinions lacking a clear factual basis.
Consider whether you would enjoy reading your own paper. Have you written a paper that is interesting and intellectually satisfying? Avoid (1) merely restating what is in the text, (2) simply stating the text was interesting or boring, (3) posing numerous unanswered questions.
Make sure your paper is carefully proof-read and that you explicitly make your points in a way that is clear and logically presented to the reader.
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