Wal-Mart is the organization

| December 3, 2015
Wal-Mart is the organization

Integrate the concepts and operations management principles that you've been studying in this module and turn in your one to two page paper addressing the following questions:

How project management influence other departments and functions of this organization (i.e., marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, etc.)?

What are the difficulties or limitations for implementing PERT and CPM in the organization?

Other Requirements: BACKGROUND INFO:

Operations activities not only are made up repetitive processes, they are also made up of events or a series of events that are managed as a project. Obviously this type of management effort is called project management.

What is a project? A project is a finite venture (with specific start and completion dates) to produce a unique product or service and/or achieve a specific goal or goals. Projects can be contrasted to processes, which are permanent or semi-permanent repetitive activities that produce the same product or service.

Project Management is the set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that plan, organize, implement, control, and complete projects given finite resources of people, equipment, and time. This module will focus on the planning effort and provide information on how to define the work activities, develop a plan for sequencing these activities in time, and determining the duration of the project under normal conditions and crash conditions.

Heizer and Render's book provides a nice and comprehensive overview of Operations Management. It is highly recommended if you are serious in pursuing a concentration in Operations Management.

Heizer, J and Render B. (2001) Principles of Operations Management, ISBN 0-13-027147-0

From Ebrary:

Heldman, Kim (2003) Project Management JumpStart. Sybex, Incorporated. ISBN: 0-7821-5180-9
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