Virgin Airline Australia

| August 24, 2015

Virgin Airline Australia

You can write about Virgin Australia Airline. Please find this book Belch GE, Belch MA, Kerr GF & Powell I 2014, Advertising: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective, 3rd edn, McGraw-Hill Australia because the requirement in this essay, you need to use this book on Figure 5.1 on page 115 for writing this essay.
Remember that the writer need to use 4 to 5 academic journals up to date (2010-2015). I put here 8 number of sources but depend on the writer but make sure that include 4-5 journals as I said above.

This is to be presented as an essay – an executive summary is not needed. It is important that you correctly use Harvard referencing style in this assessment task.
Please use the headings below to answer the questions. You must not approach any organizations for assistance with this assignment.
1.    In 1-2 pages, summarise 4-5 recent (2010-2015) academic peer-reviewed journals that examine the use of traditional and/or social media for marketing communications. What implications do traditional, digital and social media have for today’s marketers? How does this depend on the product or service being communicated? (literature review)
You are to choose an airline that has both an online and an offline presence.
2.    Describe three different segments (avoid to use demographic segments) they target.  What is their positioning strategy?
3.    Which IMC methods does the airline use? Give examples of direct marketing, advertising, interactive and internet marketing, sales promotions, public relations, sponsorship, personal selling and other methods that they use. What are the aims of each media/method? (Discuss 6 of these. If there are less than 6, make recommendations about what the aims of using up to 6 IMC methods)
4.    Visit their app and describe how this adds value to the customer.
5.    What is ‘earned’ advertising? Give an example for the airline.
6.    List three strengths and three weaknesses of the media strategy adopted by this airline.
7.    Using Figure 5.1 on page 115, compare how you decoded one of their messages to how a friend decodes the same message.  Why might differences in message decoding occur?
8.    Relate the IMC methods to the model of the consumer decision making on page 146.
9.    What is the effect of buzz marketing (definition & put reference) on this airline’s marketing?
10.    Why is media integration (definition & put reference) important for this airline? Give an example of three different media that they use.
11.    What are your recommendations for improving their media strategy? Which advertising agency would you recommend they use? Why?

Note that this is marked out of 100 and the mark will be weighted back to 25 marks
Name: _______________________________________________________________

Not Done
C    Very Good
D    Excel-lent
4-5 journals, Implications for today’s marketers/ How this depends on the product or service /11

Segmentation and positioning/5
IMC methods used, aims, and consumer decision making process/4 marks each = 24 marks
Direct marketing
Interactive & internet marketing
Sales promotions
Public relations
Personal selling

How the app adds value to the customer /5
Description of earned advertising and example/5
Three strengths and three weaknesses of the media strategy /10
Decoding and explanation for differences /5
IMC and model of CDM /10
Effect of buzz marketing /5
Media integration’s importance /5
Recommendations for improving their media strategy, advertising agency /10

Report presentation, referencing,  attention to detail /5

Final grade     HD        D    C    P    FAIL
Comments: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

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