Unit 5 Imagery

| April 25, 2014

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Reading Assignment
Kirszner, Ch. 18, 19
Assignment Type: Discussion Board Points Possible: 30 Deliverable Length: 1000 words
In order to facilitate a true academic discussion, you are required to make a minimum of three posts to be eligible for full credit in each Discussion Board assignment. Your first post directly addresses the Unit topic and should be posted by the 4th day of the Unit (day 1 being the first day of the unit). The other two posts are in response to your peers or instructor and should be posted by the last day of the unit (day 7).
A large portion of this assignment’s grade is based on the quality of the posts. Be sure to read the Discussion Board assignment requirements. In most situations you are required to post a specific number of paragraphs or words. Your postings should include proper grammar and spelling. If you borrow something from another source be sure you cite it!
You are also required to respond to your classmates. Remember a quality post is not a simple “I agree” or one sentence response. Your responses to your classmates should be at least a paragraph and should be based upon your experiences or the unit readings and/or class materials. If you need more clarification about quality posts, please ask your instructor.
Assignment Details
Various figures of speech are often used to describe characters in literary works. Choose 2 works from the list below that focus on a single character, and explain how figures of speech are used to characterize each work’s central figure:
“A Rose for Emily”
“Miss Brill”
“Richard Cory”
In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.
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