union density in Canada and united states

| November 25, 2014

union density in Canada and united states

the definition of union density and the benefits.
the differences between Canadian  union density and  American union density

Union Growth a d hawfidence
Main Questions
• What fraction of Canadian workers are members of unions? How bas this evolved over time? How does this differ .from other countries? • Which types of workers are most likely to be covered by union Contracts? • What factors determine the level of unionization in the labour market? • Union density in the United States has fallen dramatically since 1970, while unionization rates have been relatively stable in Canada. Given the similarities between the two countries, bow can we eAplain this divergence in unionization rates?
Unions are collective organizations whose primary objective is to improve the well-being of their membeis. In Canada, this objective is met primarily through collective bargain-ing with the employer. The outcome of this process is a collective agreement specifying wages, nonwage benefits such as those relating to pensions, vacation time, and health and medical expenses, and aspects of the employment relation such as procedures relating to hiring, promotion, dismissal, layoffs, overtime work, and the handling of grievances. There are two basic types of unions. Craft unions represent workers in a particular trade or occupation; examples are found in the construction, printing, and longshoring trades. Industrial unions represent all the workers in a particular industry regardless of occupation or skill; examples are found in the automobile, steel, and forest industries. Some unions combine elements of both types. In addition to their collective bargaining activities, unions play a role in social and polit-ical affairs. Close ties between unions and social democratic political parties are common. especially in western Europe. In Canada the union movement provides financial and other support for the New Democratic Party. Unions also seek to influence the_government in power, and accordingly have been involved in various forms of consultation and collabo-ration with governments and, in some cases, representatives of the business community. Although these and other political and social aspects of unions are important and deserve


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