Undertake a critical review of research literature and propose a research question for further investigation of the topic or to address a research or practice gap identified by the review.

| April 23, 2014

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kindly use references from cinhal, medline, pubmed and other related to medical field data base. (references should be more than 15). please see the attached files for more info:
For this assignment, the student is required to demonstrate the process of advancing a clinical problem statement or research question arising from their work or practice through the process of retrieval and critique of relevant research literature. Outcomes from this critical review of research literature are then used to produce evidence-based recommendation(s) that are able to be implemented within the context of advanced practice nursing (in Assignment 2) OR, where a research gap is identified from the literature, used to develop and test an answerable research question in Assignment 2.
It is expected that students will describe the clinical context or background to their question and apply their knowledge of research methods and critical appraisal to developing a search strategy and selecting quality research literature. Students will describe the relevance and appropriateness of this literature to the type of question that is asked and make a judgment about the applicability and quality of evidence that may inform recommendations for practice or the need for further research.
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