Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR

| December 26, 2014

Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR

Ahoud Al-Nobi
Assessment 2 – 18 Oct 2014 – Activity A ( 750 Words )

Our Products and Services:-
The bank provide products and services to premium, business, corporate and international customers in Qatar, UAE and France. That’s why we’ve been working hard to

create a range of products and services that challenge the boundaries of traditional banking products .
The below is the list of our Products & Services we provide it to our clients :-
Retail & Premium customer :    Corporate :
Accounts ( Current & Saving ) .    Corporate lending .
Fixed deposit .    Club and syndicated loans .
ATM s .    Structured finance .
Credit card .    Trade finance .
Prevent fraud .    Cash management .
Internet Banking .    Financial institutions .
SMS Banking  & Mobile Banking .    Advisory .

Our main customers :
•    Qatari Diar Real Estate investment company   .
•    Qatar Holding co .
•    Pension and retirement general authority .
•    Al faisal international  investment co .
•    Qatar health and education fund .
•    Qatar foundation .
•    Union investment  house .
•    Shareholders .

Our goals of the Organization is :-
Mission :  Working to deliver next generation banking by blending tradition with innovation.
Vision : To become the most highly rated and respected bank in Qatar by our staff, preferred clients, shareholders, regulators, and the community that we serve .
Values: To foster a corporate culture where we are:
    UNITED in all our efforts .
    RELIABLE whenever tasked .
    COMMITTED to our stakeholders .
    To always strive for EXCELLENCE .

Our objectives of the organization :-

    Strong Corporate banking franchise with participation in infrastructure build out and the Mid-Market segment .
    Leading bank in Treasury and Fixed Income with smart funding and advanced treasury products .
    Exclusive Private and superior Premium banking business model .
    Leverage existing local and international footprint and capture trade flows in emerging markets .
Analysis of the Nationalization & how it`s impact to our organization : –
as per the low that every company in Qatar need to have 50% nationals’ employees in their companies. This percentage could effect the recruitment selection, as some

positions require national employee. This will lead to have vacant positions, as there are no nationals apply for those positions.  Even though, that the company

recruit nationals without experience this will cost the company to train the nationals until he/she get the right knowledge for this position.

How the Nationalization impact on the organization  ?

This will support the organization to have  manpower requirements  for sensitive positions by applying performance , training and development , also this will Support

and commitment are required from all levels of staff and this will impact very positive to the strategy of the organizations .

Analysis of the 4 external factors :-
Political :
•Political stability in the environment .
•Influence of government policies that control the business.
•Government economic policies.
•Influence of government on religion and culture.
•Laws of employment. Example Gaining a better understanding of employment laws will help businesses and workers better understand employer and employee rights .

Economic :
•State of inflation.
•Per capita income.
•Economic progress trend.
•Consumer confidence and its affect on aggregate demand  , meaning level of demand for desired good and services within a national economy.
•Production level.
Social  :
•Leading religion.
•Influence of language on use of products in the markets..
•Demographics of the population.
•Lifestyle, education, health, fashion trends, earning capacity .
A business also creates a social environment consisting of its own organizational values, norms, customs and practices .    Technological :
•    impact of emerging technologies .
•    impact of internet reduction in communications costs and increased remote .
•    research and development activity .
•    impact of technology transfer .
technology is found to be integrated in operations, customer service, human resources, accounting, sales, marketing and almost every other aspect of an organization.

Our Structure :-

A functional structure is one of the most common organizational structures. Under this structure, the organization groups employees according to a specialized or

similar set of roles or tasks. While functional structures operate well in stable environments where business strategies are less inclined to changes or dynamism, the

level of bureaucracy makes it difficult for organizations to respond to changes in the market quickly.
How the Structure  impact our functions of the organization ?

Every organization is made up of different department.  Each department contributes to the running of the business.
•    Human resource : The role of Human resource department is in charge of recruiting, training, and the dismissal of employees in an organization .
•    Production department : The production department is responsible for converting inputs into outputs through the stages of production processes .
•    Marketing & Sales : is responsible for the sales and distribution of the products to the different regions.
•    Finance : Keeping records of the purchases and sales made by a business as well as capital spending ,Profit and loss account and Balance Sheets ,Managers

require ongoing financial information to enable them to make better decisions ,The wages section of the finance department will be responsible for calculating the

wages and salaries of employees and organising the collection of income tax and national insurance for the Inland Revenue and  The finance department will also be

responsible for the technical details of how a business raises finance e.g. through loans, and the repayment of interest on that finance. In addition it will supervise

the payment of dividends to shareholders.
•    Information Technology departments : The ICT Department is to provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of technology and information resources to the

satisfaction of the institute and its  stakeholders.
Our Culture in our organization & how affects the operations  :
Our organization is Task culture :
The Task culture contributes to effectiveness of teamwork and group effort as it allows several or more people to join into a team in which decisions are made quickly

and ideas are put forward easily. This team is enabled to get the most efficiency out of the collaborative effort through engaging teammates in common projects and

tasks. For example the  leaders make sure that things get done by  meet the deadlines and provide excellent services to the customers based on that  it will be effect

on organization strategy to achieve the goals very fast  for example The leaders of the department are  make sure that things get done in a manner that is both

proficient and on time every time and  create clear, easy-to-follow work schedules with specific requirements and deadlines .
.  The below is examples of how the culture affects the operations .
•    Teams are formed to solve particular problems .
•    Power derives from expertise as long as a team requires expertise.
•    No single power source .
•    Team may develop own objectives .

3HRC: Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR

Word count
Evidence to be produced
Activity A – Written report of no more than 750 words (1105 words)
Activity B – Written report of no more than 750 words (788 words)

Activity A
Write a report for a new manager to provide an understanding of the organisation. Ensure that the report includes information on all of the following:
•    List the main products and services the organisation provides
PASS: The main services of the organisation have been listed clearly.

•    Identification of the main customer
PASS: The main customers have been identified.
•    Explain the purpose and goals of the organisation
REFER: The purpose and goals of the organisation have been explained to the reader, along with the values of the organisation.

You may wonder why I have referred this section.  You have gone well over your word count in Activity A, and this section could be reduced considerably by omitting the

values and the sections on nationalisation.

•    An analysis of a minimum of four external factors and their impact on the business activity of the organisation
REFER: An analysis of external factors, utilising PESTLE has been undertaken, but their impact on the business activity of the organisation is not clear.

Within your word count please re-address this section to fulfil the question in total.  I would recommend that you might utilise a table identifying the factors and a

column to identify the impact on the business. Utilise one or two examples from each area of the PESTLE to help you keep within the word count.
•    Information on the structure and at least four functions within the organisation
REFER: You have identified that the organisation operates a functional structure, supported by an organisation chart.   You have identified four specific functions

within the organisation but these do not match your organisation chart.

To strengthen this section you need to ensure that the departments match the organisation chart for your bank.

•    An explanation of how these different functions work together within the organisation to optimise performance
REFER: You have explained how different functions work together within “an organisation” to optimise performance in a satisfactory manner.

Remember your audience; this is an information sheet aimed at a new manager about your own organisation so to refer to “Every organisation” is not very personal to a

new joiner.  I suggest you say that our organisation we have various functions, four of which are….. and this is how they work together to optimise performance. Your

explanation does not flow with a bank – it sounds like a production plant – I had assumed you worked for a bank?

•    An identification of the culture of the organisation and at least two ways this affects operations
PASS: You have identified the culture within the organisation as being a task culture and two ways this affects operations has been explained.

Activity B
Write a report that clearly supports the retention of the HR or the L & D function within the organisation that explains:
•    The organisational strategy
PASS: The organisational strategy has been identified.
•    How at least three HR (or L&D) activities support the organisation’s strategy
PASS:  A range of activities to support the strategy have been identified and explained.

To have strengthened this section you may have utilised a table to link the activities directly to the organisation’s strategy.

•    At least three ways HR (or L&D) professionals support line managers and their staff
PASS: A range of ways in which HR/L&D professionals support line managers and their staff has been explained clearly.

•    The role that the HR (or L&D) function has to the overall success of the business
PASS: An explanation as to how the function contributes to the overall success of the business has been set out.

To have strengthened this section you could have referenced David Ulrich’s HR model.




You may be surprised to have another tutor mark your assignment, this occasionally happens for operational reasons.

Activity A is well over your word count and needs to be re-addressed.  I have put some learning points in blue above, which I hope will help you.

Please amend your submission in a different coloured font and also I suggest you include your actual word count at the end of each activity to help you keep focused on

the word count.

I look forward to receiving your 2nd submission.


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Ingrid Richardson

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