Trends and Issues in Strategic Management

| February 6, 2015

Pick one of the course modules. It may be the content that you liked most, or perhaps where the greatest learning took place, or the content that is still a bit confusing, or something else entirely.

· Re-read the learning outcomes of your chosen module.

· Review the lecture material presented in the module.

· Peruse the discussion board for that week.

(((( I already picked ” Module 13 Trends and Issues in Strategic Management”))))

Then, in your post, answer the following questions:

· Why did you choose this module to review and discuss?

· What were two things that you took away from the module and may continue to use?

· What were two things that you already knew or wished that you could have studied further?

· How might you use this information in the future?


· References APA style

· One page

Document Preview:
Trends and Issues in Strategic Management Strategy planning has so many components that students often feel overwhelmed by the amount of content. At this point in the course, place emphasis on designed and tested theories and current ways of doing business, with an eye to the future of the field. That will serve you well as you develop and complete your Portfolio Project. Remember that there are resources available to consult when developing strategy choices, making decisions, and planning for implementation. The critical things to remember are: Gather and use data; calculate and analyze. Know the industry and be laser-focused on the vision and mission of the organization. Use the resources and capabilities of the firm for optimal results; don’t let internal weaknesses eat up all your resources and time. Use well-tested theories and principles. Plan for change to implement strategies. Evaluate and adapt; plan to improve. Learning Outcomes Identify the responsibilities of ethics and social programs in the context of internationalization. Describe the concept of management of organizational fashion and potential perils. Assess the impacts of macro trends (economic, environmental, technology, social, political, demographic) on strategy thinking. Management and Organizational Fashion: Today and Tomorrow Based on what you heard in the video, is it any wonder that decision makers are looking for tools, frameworks, structures, and models to support strategy planning? Also, have you ever wondered about new management or organizational practices that crop up and are quickly adopted throughout the business world? These new practices may be adopted by leaders as a way to move forward quickly and stay in balance with competitors that also have adopted the new practice. At issue, however, is whether “going along with fashion” is valuable or risky for organizations and leaders. Lang and Ohana (2012) reported on an experiment conducted in 2006 by two French…


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