Travel and tourism management issues /problem or opportunity in singapore

| August 22, 2015

please help me select a title and it has to be an organization you are going to write on this proposal will be submitted on 18 sept and after which i will come back to you for dissertation writing . choose a issue or problem or opportunity that is happen in Singapore one of the organization can be and for the data must be primary data no secondary data and how to collect it will be quantitative or qualitative methods. but i think quantitative method is good because i like you to do up a survey form with 20 questions so i can send out to 100 people to do and the survey using multiple choice will be easier.once done i will return you the survey you will help me to the rest. So i will come back later for the dissertation and ask you to write it out so please make sure you think of the topic carefully. go do a proper research the more the evidence the better and journals can be
for the journals articles you can use Using Google e services no fake data must be direct.
i will upload the guide and also the front page of a column which need me to describe your intended research topic teach me how to fill it up thank you
write it in simple English so its easy to understand.

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Category: Management

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