Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Susan

| December 11, 2014

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To demonstrate your ability to apply the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Modules, along with core concepts and evidence based treatment approaches covered in this overall course, you will apply a framework incorporating an understanding of both individual and system factors to the case of Susan (download the case study from the Week 7 assignment page).
.Provide a trauma-informed assessment of your client. Be sure to highlight developmental and cultural factors that are salient to the assessment, and conceptualizing the etiology (cause) of Susan’s issues presented in the case study.
Identify the most immediate treatment issues for your client.
Describe efforts you have made to develop a treatment plan in collaboration with other systems involved in the child’s life.
Summarize the trauma focused treatment approach with the client. Be sure to address the following in your discussion:
Engagement & Stabilization
Building emotional regulation skills
Building cognitive process skills
Building meaning-making skills
5. What do you think are Susan’s specific psychological disorders? Discuss any co-morbidity issues.
6. What would possibly be your emotional response (countertransference reaction) to this case.
Important: In your paper, please number your answers per the corresponding questions above. The expected length is 6 (minimum) – 8 pages (maximum), excluding cover page and references (no abstract required). APA style format, citations and references must be used.
The rubrics for this paper and the actual case study (you can download it) are on the Assignment page for Week 7—the paper is worth a maximum of 100 points. Please know that, because this is a Signature assignment, I will be grading these papers very stringently according to the rubric (I have been a bit more relaxed on the smaller papers). I encourage you to get your papers in early, so I can grade early and give you time to ask about your graded papers and allow for time for advocacy of points earned.
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