| February 16, 2015

Athens or Jerusalem: Reason and Revelation In Western Civilization Please respond to the following in a detailed, evidence-driven essay that is between 5-7 pages in length. Essays are to be written in MLA format using Microsoft Word. 12 pt. font please. ***Use only 1) your textbook, 2) appropriate primary sources from the syllabus and 3) your class notes as the basis for your writing. Be sure to cite all material drawn from 1 and 2. *** As an expression of the ancient Hebrews’ religion and history, the Torah is regarded as one of the most influential texts in western history. Please write an essay that responds to the following questions: What is the Torah and what are the different beliefs concerning its origins and background? What is ethical monotheism and how does the Torah explain the origins of that concept? In considering the material contained in the Torah, should it be thought of as completely unique to Judaism? While writing this essay, please be sure to support all your general contentions with specific, historical evidence drawn from the three components of this class. Do not use outside material.

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