Therapeutic Relationship – Video Role Play and Written Critique

| April 6, 2014

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The purpose of this paper is for the learner to demonstrate praxis. References must include College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) and Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Therapeutic Relationships. A minimum of 4 references must be from scholarly sources, nursing articles from nursing journals (JAN) preferably for a total of 6 references. The articles have to be on therapeutic relationship between patient/nurse and it’s importance. I will require the articles as they must be submitted with the assignment. This professor likes us to cite after every two to three sentences even if we haven’t finished our thought and it must be true double spaced APA format. I will be providing four very short video’s. The first two video’s have no sound, do not worry about it as the professor is aware. We are to critique ourselves on how we thought we related to the client. The scenario consists of me, the nurse, and my patient who is 17 and just underwent a surgical procedure to remove her acne. Her concern is possible permanent scaring. Her father had the same procedure done and has permanent scaring. After viewing the video I feel my demeanor was that more of a doctor then a nurse. I wasn’t very empathetic, I didn’t use therapeutic touch, and I pretty much remained indifferent throughout the entire scenario. Now mind you I was very nervous and it wasn’t real so that will effect my behaviour but all in all it’s apparent my therapeutic relationship skills need some work. If the articles could be sent in PDF that would great. I have included the rubric and the links to the cno and rnao for you. I will do the cover and reference page but will just need a list of all references. Please let me know if you require anything else.
Everything I try sending you is denied. Keeps telling me its a fake path even though the rubric was saved as PDF. Is there I can email you?
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