The Theme of Madness in The Yellow Walpaper

| December 26, 2014

The Theme of Madness in The Yellow Walpaper

Project description

12 page essay on the theme of madness in The Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman.start with an introduction to Gothic literature and its employment of madness. Other works with

the theme should be mentioned. The main topic is the theme of madnees in the work. It could be looked either from Fraudian or feminist perpective. At least three

secondary resources should be used one of which is The Madwoman in the Attic.

Ansys Task
1. Scenario
The government is considering refurbishing all dual carriageways and motorway stretches under their responsibility, with central reservation steel (crash) barriers.

They have approached a local manufacturer who has provided them with a choice of four different profiles, each one of them, priced differently.
However, before the Council makes a decision they would like to consider all factors affecting their choice. Safety is, of course, of paramount importance but

economics is important too. Therefore, they have conducted your company and asked you to provide them with your expert opinion regarding the most effective section

(profile) against accidental crash. They would like you to consider the following sections (Figure I):
Plain, C1-Section
Lipped, C2-Section
Swage beam S-Section
Multi-beam profile M-Section
Your  are asked to prepare a technical report with your findings, providing all essential evidence and justifying to your clients the best and worst profile.
2. Requirements:
You are required to investigate and assess the structural performance of each one of the barriers and advice the Council (with reasoning) accordingly, to ease final

choice. A high quality, technical report is expected. In addition to the usual technical (FE) jargon, the report should contain a brief literature survey, based on the

state-of-the-art knowledge (knowhow)of the relevant topic to date. It should also emphasise on the particular engineering logic and methodology developed, the

analytical numerical and (if appropriate) experimental techniques and procedures employed, the efficacy of the methods adopted, their drawbacks, limitations and so on.

Finally, the report should contain some discussion of your results and the conclusions drawn from them. Graphs, schematic drawings, diagrams, and other means of

communication should be used if and where appropriate, as an aid to your written presentation. Some emphasis on the experience built up for outlining similar future

work should also be given.



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