The pharmacotherapeutics of depression TCAs, SSRIs, SNaRIs and MAOIs.

| April 29, 2014

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The pharmacotherapeutics of depression encompasses several classes of drugs such as TCAs, SSRIs, SNaRIs and MAOIs.
In this assignment you will be required to review:
• The pharmacology of these drugs and relate this to the pathophysiology of depression. (this section is worth 10% of the total marks, hence, it should be brief).
• Summarise the clinical evidence that supports the efficacy and safety of the classes of drugs for the treatment of depression from reviews provided by systematic reviews from evidence based medicine databases/sources i.e. Cochrane Reviews Database etc. You should provide a summary of the evidence from these reviews and use the publications on the individual clinical trials for the next section.
• Critically evaluate the clinical evidence to provide an appraisal of the quality of this evidence in terms the recommended requirements for the publication of randomised clinical trials CT (i.e. CONSORT) in such areas as:
• clinical trial design
• inclusion and exclusion criteria
• sample size, randomisation, blinding, bias
• limitations & interpretation
The assignment should be 2500 ± 10% words in length and should be submitted in a double-spaced format, Times New Roman in 12pt font (NB: any variation to these mandatory guidelines will incur a severe penalty). A paper copy must be submitted to Assignment Minder located in the QUT Library.
(Lecture notes or text books are not an acceptable reference source for this part of the assignment, you should be using primary reference sources or review articles from the scientific literature, however diagrams may be sourced with appropriate referencing from textbooks, websites etc)
Referencing Style: Vancouver style
Marking Criteria
Review of the pharmacotherapies for depression drugs TCAs, SSRIs, SNaRIs and MAOIs 10%
Summary of clinical evidence 20%
Critique of clinical trials 30%
Spelling & grammar 10%
Diagrams and Presentation 10%
Bibliography 20%
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