The objective of this assignment

| August 25, 2015

The objective of this assignment
Understand marketing strategy and the elements of marketing analysis: customer analysis, company
analysis and competitor analysis.
Review effectiveness of new product launch & commercialisation
2500 words (from Executive summary to conclusion)
This is the company website link:
Report Format: (must include headings)
1. Executive Summary (overview of the content of the report -this is not an introduction. Discuss in
1 -1.5 pages, the major points/findings of your report, any recommendations, conclusions and any
implications for management)
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction (Provide background information on the company itself and include a brief
discussion of the market in which the company operates. Also state what the report is going to
achieve and how that is going to be done)
4. Situation Analysis:
a. Define what is the internal environment?
I. Define (marketing goals and objectives in general) & Review of marketing goals
and objectives for the company:
A. Define (Economic objectives) & Economic objectives for COS.
B. Define (Sustainability) & Sustainability for COS.
Ii. Define (marketing strategy and performance in general) & Review of current
marketing strategy and performance for the company.
Iii. Define (organizational resources in general) & Review of current and anticipated
organizational resources for the company.
iv Define & Review of current and anticipated cultural and structural issues.
V Define (customer environment in general) & the customer environment of COS.
b. Define External environment
l. Define Markets

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