The Nike case study

| April 1, 2014

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Nike and the reality of corporate social responsibility.
The Nike case study
This case study is based on an article by Simon Zadek in the Harvard Business Review for 2004. The case study has however been adapted and supported by academic commentary from other noted authors. There are two appendices. The first gives more detail to the activities taken by Nike. The second consists of some ideas and debates from noted authors. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility are new aspects of international business. From these quotations, from academic literature and from coverage of international events through news media, it is clear that subjects covered by the terms ‘business ethics’ and ‘corporate social responsibility’ are exercising ever greater influence on the policy and strategies of large companies. Employees and customers live in many different countries. These large companies need the support of, or at least the tolerance of, national governments to be able to operate in different locations across the world.
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