The Issue Of Domestic Violence Against Women & The Care Provision In Women’s Shelter

| November 27, 2014

The Issue Of Domestic Violence Against Women & The Care Provision In Women’s Shelter

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• Table of Contents
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• Description of the Field Design (include activities to be undertaken, your role as the researcher, and level of immersion)
• Procedure used to obtain Subject/Participant Approval
• Ethical Issues Addressed
• Narrative of Major Findings, Observations, and Impressions
• Limitations of the Study
• Appendix A: Journal of Summarized Field Notes

Title: The Issue Of Domestic Violence Against Women & The Care Provision In Women’s Shelter
Background Information
The definition of Domestic violence and emotional abuse are mostly regarded as behaviors demonstrated by a person in a relationship controlling and overpowering the other. According to the article “Protecting victims of domestic violence”, approximately 1.3 million women report being physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States. In society, the effects of this abuse on women have taken a tremendous toll on the entire family unit. These results are more pronounced not only on the abused but also on children emotional state, damaging their self-esteem and confidence. The abused women’s physical and psychological harm is also evident when looking at the anxiety and fear that debilitates them from being the whole person. Additionally, one of the obstacles facing victims of Domestic Violence is the lack of financial income that discourages them to leave their abuser. Furthermore, culture, tradition, societal representation, a given role in a family etc. are all the contributing factors on how women should be perceived to be or act in society. For example, “In the early 1800s most legal systems implicitly accepted wife-beating as a husband’s right, part of his entitlement to control over the resources and services of his wife.”
Care providers and Women Shelters have been extremely helpful in offering protection. However, the service is available and offered mostly after the abuse took place.
The purpose of this study is to bring light and understand about Domestic Violence sustained by women and examine the effects on children, family, as well as the emotional, physical, financial damage it presents. Ultimately to understand the type of care these women receive at women’s shelter and to seek and address the issue and find solution that cater to individual problems.
Field Study Questions should be Organized by Selected Themes
Theme: Family issues
Theme: What was life like before & after abuse
Theme: Women’s Shelter activities


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