The Impact of Complex Adaptive Systems

| November 27, 2014

The Impact of Complex Adaptive Systems

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As a teenager beginning a new school, you likely searched for other students who were similar to you to befriend. You may have looked for students with similar backgrounds, interests, hobbies, and academic abilities. It is likely that no one explicitly told you to do this but that you did it naturally. Others did likewise, and groups began to form. As your group began to interact with other groups, rules governing these relationships may also have formed. Again, these relationships were likely not instituted by anyone in formal authority but passed informally among members and between groups. However, some members may have deviated from these informal relationship rules. If the influence of these individuals were strong enough, they could permanently alter the relationships within and between groups.
Those who apply complexity theories suggest that organizations and even entire industries develop in much the same way as individuals or entire organizations pursue individual goals, react to the actions of others, and form relationships. Scholar-practitioners must ask themselves what implications these theories have for those attempting to develop strategy for modern organizations.
To prepare, review this Week’s Learning Resources on complexity theory. Consider the potential impact of a complex adaptive system for the organization you chose for your SSP.
By Day 4 of Week 5, post a 3–4 paragraph analysis of the impact of changes within a complex adaptive system on a transformation in an organization. Next, explain the potential impact of complex adaptive systems on leadership and innovation within an organization. Use examples of potential changes to the organization to support your response.
Extend the conversation by identifying implications for practice or research, as well as for your own research agenda, where appropriate. Be sure to integrate one or two new related, and engaging, questions that will extend the discussion about your post in constructive ways. Try to think of a question that will engage your peers in critical analysis and thinking about your organization, which may provide insight for your use as you continue preparing your sections of the major Weeks 4 and 7 Sustainable Solutions Paper (SSP) due in this course.
Your analysis should include proper APA citations and adhere to all guidelines of APA style


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