The following list is my dissertation requirement:

| August 30, 2015

The following list is my dissertation requirement:

Basically, there are 5 parts in my dissertation, which are introduction (1,200 words), literature review (about 3,600 words), methodology (2,400 words), finding (3,600 words), conclusion and limitation or recommendation (1,200 words). The words is about 12,000.

The specific dissertation structure and content requirement is from another files (named structure), please following this structure to do dissertation.

The research area is China’s five star hotel in Beijing area.

In methodology parts, I want use two method to do my dissertation, one is questionnaire, and another one is case study. Questionnaire I have designed, you can use it. The purpose of questionnaire is trying to identify the importance of three elements in Chinese business content.(B2B) The participant pool should be around 30-40 people. For case study part, you should find a five star hotel in Beijing, and try to analyze how each elements affect the chosen hotel’s performance and which one is more importance.

In finding or results part is to present and discuss the analysis of the research data, statistical tests and results. The pie chart, line graph, SPSS and other graph will be used.

1.This is a academic dissertation, therefore you should add reference and cited. And the discussion and analysis should be critical.
2.I designed the questionnaire, please use it and get results, then have an analysis from this results.
3.All my objectives is based on Guanxi that have an influence on organization’s performance, therefore you should proof it in the literature review. And I have divided Guanxi into three elements, then use a questionnaire to identify which elements is more important, which one take second place and which one is not that important. Your results of questionnaire can refer to Yen’s article.(Dorothy A. Yen ,(2010). Industrial Marketing Management: Special Issue ‘Business Marketing in the BRICs’)
4.If you have any question, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you

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