The Evaluative Report

| December 23, 2014

The Evaluative Report

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The evaluative report
this is about to conduct the research method amongst our classmates because it is a trial-run for us before embarking on a bigger piece of research for our dissertation in our major study module, so I am carrying out 2 semi-structure interview ( research method) with one of my classmate.
so we need to conduct a piece of research (primary research), gather the data and analyse the results. Then we need to write about it.

my topic for my dissertation is Preventing childhood obesity: how effective are school health programmes? (you need to paraphrase the topic because this is my dissertation topic, or use a closer one to this topic ) you can’t use a similar.
A writing report (2000 words) that explains and evaluates a research method that you carried out. My research method is semi-structure interview . so I should evaluate the interview that I carried out. The report should demonstrate the normal protocols of academic writing , it should be reference thoroughly and accurately, it should be structured logically and coherently and it should be writing in good English.
the interview transcripts will be sent to you shortly ( I will send it to you when I do my interview with my colleagues, I haven’t done it yet.)
? you need to include ,
( validity, reliability, triangulation, data analysis, ethics in research).
? Reflect on how the whole process went for you; positives and negatives

? How do you structure the report?
1. Start with the working title followed by the research questions
my topic is preventing childhood obesity: how effective are school health programmes?
this is the my research questions (you need to paraphrase the question because I am using them in my dissertation I can’t use the similar one here )
a) How effective are the interventions designed to prevent childhood obesity through diet and physical activity at school ?
b) Are physical education teachers at schools well aware of the studies on epidemiological dimension of obesity and overweight?
c) Will sensitising the general public, and especially the school environment, have an impact on the growing percentage of childhood obesity?

2. Introduce the research design
very briefly summarise your research design; e.g. ‘the research takes a qualitative approach using a case-study strategy’. summarise the methods given in the research design; which is semi-structured interview. e.g. ‘this report evaluates semi-structured interviews as a method of data collection for my research,….

3. Explain how validity is implemented in your research design
• e.g. do your participants have the right kind of knowledge for your topic?
• what type of sampling have you opted for; random, purposive, representative….? (random please)

• Are interview questions relevant to your research questions?
• Is there scope for triangulation?
• Are secondary sources relevant and authoritative?

4. Explain the extent to which reliability is implemented in your research
• what types of things might affect the objectivity of collecting data and how will you try to improve this for your real interview ? e.g. consider things like the interviewer effect, leading interview, unintentional bias in observation, etc….
• If you have more time and resources, how might you expand the data collection to improve reliability?

5. Explain and evaluate research ethics
• explain what ethics in research means,
• who it applies to and why it is important.
• what ethical concerns does your research raise and how might they be dealt with?
• don’t conflate ‘anonymity’ and ‘confidentiality’

6. Explain and evaluate the method of data collection that’s the focus of your report is(semi-structure interview)
• why is this a good method of data collection for your particular research, advantages and disadvantages
• what do you need to be mindful of in conducting this type of data collection?
• explain how you carried out the data collection
• evaluate the process of carrying out this method of data collection; what worked and what didn’t work so well?
• what improvements would you make if you repeated this method of data collection?

? at the end of this paragraph you need to mention this
(major study is my module for the dissertation one )
” For the major study three primary school teachers will be interviewed; however for the purposes of this Research Method Assessment , a colleagues who have been in placement with children in primary school last year were interviewed to find out about school healthy food.

7. Analysis, presentation and interpretation of results
• explain how you analysed the data and why this is the best way of doing it for your research ; e.g. inductive or deductive, descriptive, analytic, etc….
• explain and illustrate your coding system (highlight the theme in the interview)

• present your results clearly. you might choose to present your results as tables or graphs or you might choose to write them paragraph-style. ( can you please write them in paragraph-style .

• include the transcripts as an appendix (not word count)

• interpret your results and write up your interpretation.(the tutor are looking for how to analyse and interpret data robustly (tutors are more interested in the process rather than the outcome)

• evaluate the process of data analysis ; how did it go for you? would you make any changes or improvements if you did it again?

? you should follow the top structure for the evaluative report
and write each in different paragraph, and you need to have introduction and conclusion (not much)

? a few tips on how to make your work shine:
• show that you understand research as a concept as well as a technical process
• evaluate how other scholars (e.g. in published journal articles) have conducted research on the same or similar topic as yours
• consider how far this has influenced your approach to your own research design.

? things to help you to understand the assessment
what do I write about?
• your report should be evaluative, not just descriptive.
• you need to convince your reader that you have a good critical understanding of the overall philosophy of research and research strategies and methods. so don’t just describe what it’s like to do interview, instead, explain why interviews are the best method of data collection for your research, explain why their advantages and disadvantages and the things a researcher needs to be mindful of when conducting interviews.


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