the economic, nutritional, and scientific aspects of Organic food

| December 24, 2014

the economic, nutritional, and scientific aspects of Organic food

Order Description

it is an Researched Argumentation Essay,

please read the instructions.

the resources should be scholarly.

Thesis: one sentence

Supporting points:

1)  xxxxxxxxxx (one sentence)

2)  yyyyyyyyy (one sentence)

3)  zzzzzzzzz (one sentence)

You could have fewer points (no fewer than 2, though) or more, but three is a good number.

(Also, provide the citation for at least one source.  Include more than one if you’re not sure they are any good.)

Work(s) Cited

Ruzich, Constance.  “For the Love of Joe: the Language of Starbucks.”  The
Journal of Popular Culture 41.3 (2008): 428-442.

(Upload or email this in Microsoft Word (doc(x)) or .pdf format.  No Pages or Wordperfect files, please!)

Instructions and Approved Topics for ENGL 101 Final Research Paper

•    Torrents / File Sharing – defend or argue against.
•    Support or argue against a Soft Drink / Junk Food Tax.
•    Online Dating: a waste of time, or better than the “real thing”?
•    Organic food: is buying it a good choice?  Consider the economic, nutritional, and scientific aspects.
•    Homeschooling: present an argument for or against.
•    Bottled Water: should it be eliminated?
•    Are video games “art”?
•    Is exercise truly beneficial or is health (and muscle building, etc) largely genetic?
•    The “Paleo” diet and lifestyle seems to be gaining ground.  Is the argument behind it legitimate, or is it just a fad?
•    Public Transportation in Kuwait?

Remember: these are topics/questions.  You still need to come up with a thesis.

Important Notes

You cannot write on the same topic as your first paper.  So, if you already wrote about the junk food tax, you must choose another topic for the final essay.  Yes, I

keep track!

I occasionally allow students to write on a valid topic of their own choosing.  If you would like to do so, please come see me first with at least a provisional thesis

and some supporting ideas to get it approved (in other words, don’t ask “can I write on music?” or something like that).  I will not accept a paper on a topic I did

not approve, and I reserve the right to refuse any proposed topic.

To reiterate: papers must be written with

•    5-6 double-spaced pages (at least 5 full pages, i.e., not 4.5).  Include page numbers.
•    12 point font, preferably Calibri, Arial, Times.
•    Default Margins (1” [2.5cm] all around).
•    Titles: remember to have a specific, descriptive title.  “The Need for a Soda Tax’” is a much better title than “Soda Tax: good or bad?”
•    Indent (TAB) every new paragraph; no spaces between paragraphs.
•    You MUST have a “Works Cited” page, and you must make use of and cite at least one scholarly, secondary sources (Wikipedia or ‘random’ internet sites do not

count towards the two scholarly sources, though these may be consulted).
•    If you cite a printed book, you must provide photocopies of the pages you cite/quote.  Otherwise, the source won’t count.

Points will be deducted if any of these instructions are not followed.


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