The criminal justice system

| April 8, 2014

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The Research Paper
Complete a 6-8 page paper covering the component of our criminal justice system in which you
have the greatest interest. For the research paper, elaborate on a topic or an issue regarding
criminal justice (one that is recent).
In the paper, provide:
1- a detailed description of the topic with an explanation of your interest in the particular component.
2- Any personal experience or knowledge you have with the chosen topic.
3- A discussion of how the topic fits into the context of the material discussed throughout the course, illustrated concepts learned in this course about the topic that most influenced, impressed, or benefited you. You should supplement
the course information about the
topic with outside sources. You should use three
(3) to five (5) outside sources.
4- An educated prediction of ways the component can be expected to change in the next twenty years.
All outside sources must be properly cited using correct APA format.
A “citation” is the way to indicate that certain material comes from another source and gives
information necessary to find that source again. Citations include the author, the title of the work,
publishing company information, date of publication, and page numbers of the material being
Citations are necessary when words or ideas other than your own are used. Use citations
whenever you use quotes, paraphrase, use an idea that someone else has already expressed, make specific reference to the work of another, and when someone else’s work has been critical in developing your own ideas.
Your paper should be:
•Double spaced
•Twelve (12) point font
.One (1) inch margins
•Correctly punctuated
•Mechanically correct
•Clearly organized
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