The Comeback of Caterpillar

| February 6, 2015

Hi,its a Strategic Mangement. Kindly help to do it and MUst GET A PASSINg mark

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Individual Assignment Case Study – ‘The Comeback of Caterpillar, 1985-2001’ in De Wit & Meyer (2004:755-772) SIM336 (Off Campus) Strategic Management -January 2013 -Submission Date: Monday 7th January 2013 Word Count: 3,000 words Sunderland Business School University of Sunderland: Sunderland Business School SIM336 (Off Campus) – Individual Report January 2013 2 2 Introduction: This individual assignment will be assessed by means of a 3,000 word report. The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and use your knowledge and skills in understanding key strategic issues relating to strategic renewal in a global industry. You will be required to apply the strategic concepts and analytical techniques studied in this module. All the learning outcomes below will be assessed: 1. Ability to analyse the complexity of organisations and their environments 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of the relationships between an organisation and its environment 3. Ability to evaluate existing models against practices of real organisations The assignment will be marked and moderated by: Module Tutors Please note: 1. All work must adhere to the University regulations on ‘Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism’ which are provided as an Appendix in your Programme handbook. See your Tutor for guidance on ‘Harvard Referencing Style’, and avoiding ‘Plagiarism’. 2. A hard copy, an electronic copy on CD or DVD Rom, of the assignment must be handed into your Local Study Centre on or before the appointed date under cover of the Sunderland Business School Feedback Sheet. 3. Submission Date: Monday 7th January 2013 Task Your task is to carry out a critical analysis and evaluation of strategy development in a well established international manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, using the information provided and other materials researched. You will be expected to select and apply appropriate theories, techniques and models studied during the module whilst having…


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