The AWB scandal

| August 28, 2015

The AWB scandal

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You must write a case study relating to a selected example of white collar crime involving regulatory failure:

The AWB scandal

Your case study must discuss the failure of regulation in your chosen topic and:

• Document the crime/misbehaviour & regulatory failure in a brief summary of facts
• Include a literature review synthesising the existing literature relevant to the area of crime and regulation, provide a case analysis, explaining how and why the failure of regulation occurred
• Analyse and evaluate the policy and regulatory implications of the case
• Adhere to normal academic standards for structure, argument, presentation, referencing


The case study must be predominantly analytic and explanatory, and draw on the relevant literature. You are expected to read more widely than just the set readings. The following assessment criteria will apply:

• Does the case study concisely describe the crime/misbehaviour & regulatory failure?
• Does it focus mainly on the regulatory system in place and why and how it failed in this instance?
• Are the white collar crime and regulatory literatures used to explain this failure, and examine its implications?
• Are key terms and concepts explained?
• Are there any significant errors or omissions?
• Were sufficient or key references used?
• Was information from different sources well integrated?
• Was the case study logically and coherently structured?
• Was it well written?
• Was the case study appropriately and consistently referenced?
• Did it keep reasonably to the word limit?

Remember this must be a case study of regulatory failure, not just white collar crime. Make sure you identify who should have been regulating the situation, why it didn’t work, and link the case to the literature studied in the latter topics of this course.

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