The 9-step critical thinking action plan

| December 25, 2014

The 9-step critical thinking action plan

Project description
Required Reading:

Strategy List – 35 Dimensions of Critical Thought
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After keeping a journal of critical thinking experience that identify situations where critical thinking is needed, what the barriers were to critical thinking and how to overcome them, two areas of identified weakness were selected from the 35 Dimension of Critical Thought. One weakness was identified for internal thought processes and a second weakness identified for relating to the external world:

Internal – Examining or Evaluating Assumptions

External – Reasoning Dialogically: Comparing Perspectives, Interpretations, or Theories


The paper will be 3 pages in length utilizing APA format and supported with nine (9) references, one per each step of the 9-step action plan listed below. The paper will include (a) and introduction; (b) a discussion on what each step of the action plan does to improve the two areas of identified weakness; (c) a conclusion; (d) 150 word abstract drawn from the other three section.

The 9-step critical thinking action plan:

My first step towards becoming an improved critical thinker is reducing levels of assumptions.

Secondly, it is important to discover my personal biases that may hinder open mindedness when my mind is not applied to a particular task.

Thirdly, my critical thinking requires thinking ahead and trying to think from the perspective of other people.

The fourth step is carrying out a self-evaluation test regularly to identify when time is wasted engaging in unproductive stuff.

The fifth step is to regularly engage in self-given challenges and problems and try to get appropriate solutions for them.

The sixth step should be internalization of the world standards for intellectual thinking.

The seventh step involves evaluation of possible outcomes that accompany certain ways of thinking.

The eight step investing heavily in research and studies either of books or other works on how to apply persuasion to involve other critical thinkers.

The ninth and last step is accepting feedforward and feedback by others.


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