taxation law

| August 22, 2015

taxation law

• This assignment is to be submitted in accordance with
assessment policy stated in the Subject Outline and Student
• It is the responsibility of the student who is submitting the work, to
ensure that the work is in fact her/his own work. Incorporating
another’s work or ideas into one’s own work without appropriate
acknowledgement is an academic offence. Students should
submit all assignments for plagiarism checking on Blackboard
before final submission in the subject. For further details, please
refer to the Subject Outline and Student Handbook.
• Answer all questions.
This is the text book, Coleman C., Hart G., Jogarajan S., Krever R. McLaren J., & Sadiq K., (2015) Principles of Taxation Law,
Thompson Reuters, Sydney.
This assignment has to be related to Australian Law.

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