Strategic Communications – Public Relations – Case study

| August 26, 2015

Strategic Communications – Public Relations – Case study

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Tom Jones Beef Jerky is naturally high in protein and low in fat, calories, and carbs, which makes it an ideal snack for active, health-conscious individuals. The only problem is that consumer research shows that many have the perception that jerky is unhealthy. The compay wants to change this perception and to increase sales to men and women, aged 18-34, who actively exercise and lead healthy lifestyles. Your public relations firm is hired to (1) increase awareness of Tom Jones’ products through sponsoring an event that would appeal to a “work hard and play hard” audience, (2) provide samples at such an event to showcase the brand’s health snack message, and (3) generate local print, online, and broadcast coverage. However, there is no budget for advertising. What would you recommend?

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