| February 3, 2016

For this week, you should all view the film STEVE JOBS. It is in the Unit One content folder.

By Thursday, please prepare a one-page summary of the film. Your summary should include:

-basic information (title, date, director, writer)

-summary of key plot points (not the entire plot — your job is to be selective about what is vital information)

-any relevant cinematic technique (noteworthy camerawork, point of view, acting, use of visual or sound, editing — in order to convey primary narrative meaning)

-basic theme(s) of the film


By technique, I mean the way that the film is put together, what distinguishes it from a written script or a novel. How does the director tell the story with images and sounds? How do the actors interpret their characters, rather than just speaking their lines? How does the film encourage us to see the story from certain point(s) of view, and why?

By theme, I mean the broader significance beyond the bare facts of the story. We could call this the “So what?” factor. Everyone has a story, but what does this story say about some bigger meaning that could be applicable to life, beyond the specific confines of its own events?

These may seem like big challenges for a summary. But the idea is to boil them down to brief statements, not to elaborate on them. Brevity is key.

When I say one page, I mean double-spaced, 12-pt font. Standard 1-inch margins. This is pretty much the usual for college writing, so get used to it.

I am giving you the one-page requirement as a guideline, not a hard-and-fast rule. I do not believe in length requirements as such. My guidelines are based on the length that, in my experience, has proven necessary to satisfactorily complete the assignment.

But if you need a bit longer, that’s fine. A bit shorter is okay too. What I don’t ever want is filler – a bunch of junk verbiage to try to hit an arbitrary page goal.

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