Social Work and Human Services

| February 3, 2016

During the class session, students will be divided into groups. Each group will be assigned one of the theoretical approaches ( Psychosocial ) relevant to direct practice with individuals and/or families. Each group will prepare a class presentation applying the assigned theoretical approach to the film “Winter’s Bones” the film will permit you the opportunity to illustrate the particular theoretical approach. The presentation should include the following: (1) an intervention plan with expected outcomes.


The following criteria will be used in evaluating your written assignments.

1. Adherence to instructions and originality
2. Commitment to social work values and ethics.
3. Completeness, comprehensiveness, detail, clarity and readability.
4. Organization and style.
5. Adequate documentation.
6. Technical requirement (length, typed, APA guidelines (be careful no plagiarism).
7. Integration of course work (reading assignments), self- reflection, and critical thinking.
8. Numbered pages, typewritten and double spaced in standard 11-12 point font.

On-line sites in your paper must have the date retrieved, site name and web address as well as the same information required for journal articles.


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