Social Enterprise

| April 18, 2014

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The Case for Social Enterprise:
You should make an argument for social enterprise in a chosen area of economic activity (including public services, industry, retail etc). Your argument should be of 1,650 words (excluding references and appendices) Your case should analyse:
• the way in which your chosen activity is currently provided, identifying weaknesses in governance, funding, quality etc.
• alternative ways of carrying out that activity, such as through private companies, public service agencies and charities.
• assess the relative merits of social enterprise as an alternative.
Your argument should take the form of a report and should have:
• an executive summary
• background to the activity
• criteria against which you might judge the best way of carrying out that activity
• your analysis of the alternatives, weighing the positive and negative aspects of each.
• conclusion.
This case should be for social enterprise not against it. It should show how the chosen activity will be better governed when it is carried out by social enterprise. Additionally the benefits and advantages on the activity and the industry when it is carried out by social enterprise. Please follow the instructions above precisely.
Please make sure you do not copy or take anything from the internet as i do not want any plagiarism. Please i can not emphasis on the importance of this, do avoid taking or coping anything from the internet as the university has a high quality plagiarism check system. I do not want any plagiarism or anything taking from the internet. Also this coursework is for Master’s level as I am a Master’s degree student and I would like to see a lot of critical analysis and arguments please.
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