Skills Contribute to Player's Ranking: A Study of ATP Tennis Men’s Singles Ranking Versus Player’s Skills

| April 23, 2014

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I need to write an economics research paper. My goal is to find the relationship between male tennis players’ skills and ATP men’s singles ranking for year 2013, and to find the effect that the different skill measures have on ranking. I will also upload 3 additional files; 1). ResearchPaperIntroduction.docx (which includes the detailed requirements about this paper). 2). TennisPaper.pptx (which includes my research design and my analysis on the data); 3). TennisData.xlsx (this is my data collection). Please use 2 internet resources in the “Literature Review” section.
Plus I am an international student who has been in the US for about four years to study in college, so I’m neither a poor writer nor a very good English writer, so please make the writing adjust to my status. Thank you.
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Category: Sports Economics

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