Should poeple be allowed to use food stamps to buy fast food?

| February 1, 2016

For this assignment, you will not be writing an essay, but you will be practicing the parts of an argumentative essay that you learned, by providing a thorough outline. Please note that if you turn in an essay, you will lose points for not following directions. You must complete this assignment in a Microsoft Word document. Use 12-point, Times New Roman for your font. Your paper must have one-inch margins all the way around, and it must be double-spaced. In the upper-left hand corner, double-spaced, you will include the following header:
(Your name) Keeton ENGL 102 (The date you create the document) Then, answer the following questions. Please be sure I can tell which part of your argument is which (use
the sample if necessary, or label each item).
1. The ISSUE is of your choosing. Write a THESIS STATEMENT in which you argue a clear position on this issue.
2. List FOUR reasons in support of your thesis. Remember, reasons answer the question "why?" about your position on the issue. Leave some room between each reason to come back and answer the next question.
3. For each reason, list TWO pieces of evidence you would use to support that reason. Tell what kind of evidence it is and where you think you might find it. Vary your sources. “The Internet” is not sufficient,
you must list an actual site or sites. Remember, Wikipedia is not a site we ever use!
4. List THREE potential counterarguments to your argument and your responses to those counter-arguments. Remember you will handle counterarguments in one of three ways: acknowledge that the counterargument exists, refute the counterargument by showing that it is wrong, or accommodate, agreeing that part of the counterargument is right but that your argument is still stronger.
Remember that an expanded outline contains complete sentences and details. One- or two-word responses are not acceptable.
Label each section of the outline properly so it is evident what each section is

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