Shangri La – Hotel Expansion to Eastern China

| April 25, 2014

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Please ensure you read each question carefully as there may be supplementary questions embedded in each question.
1. what are the key elements of Shangri-La Hotel’s strategy? which of the five generic competitive strategies is the company employing ? Outline Shangri-La strategy for competing internationally?
2. What policies, practices, support systems and management approaches underlie Shangri-La’s effort to execute its strategy?
3. How important are the company’s training and Shangri-La Care Programs to its success? What is your assessment of Shangri-La compensation policies and career growth effort?
4. what are the key features of the culture at Shangri-La Hotels? How important is the culture in the company’s success? Explain your reasoning?
5. What core/distinctive competencies has management at Shangri-La Hotels tried to build and nature? What challenges does the company face as it attempts to transfer its core/distinctive competencies to other cultures? How has the company attempted to resolve the challenge?
6. What does the company financial and operational performance reveal about how successful its strategy and strategy implementation has been?
Should shareholders be happy with the company’s performance? Provide reasons to support your view.
7. What challenges does Shangri-La face in expanding into Eastern China? Do you believe the company’s current policies and operating procedures will be sufficient in addressing these challenges? Provide reasons to support your view.
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