Sexual Addictions: Too Much of a Good Thing

| August 27, 2015

Sexual Addictions: Too Much of a Good Thing

a) Summarize the lecture (Overview)

b) What point is the lecture trying to make?

c) Do you agree or disagree? (Not hearsay back up and support your position with facts, research and data VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

d) Evaluation:

1. Are there flaws or weaknesses in the information provided?

(Use support material)

2. What are the good or bad points discussed?

e) Final Summary:

1. What did you get from the lecture?

2. Would you recommend it?

Below is a sample of an "A" Mini-Lecture Review:

Guidelines for Giving Effective Feedback

Mini-Lecture Review

a. Summary

Communication is key to have a successful and healthy intimate long-term relationship. Being able to talk to a partner about conflicts that arise and resolve the problems through compromising is important. Overall, the best way to engage in these types of interactions is through constructive feedback rather than destructive dialogue.

b. Thesis

The lecture is giving tips on how to communicate with a partner that will benefit the relationship through positive feedback such as focusing on ?I? statements and an appropriate time a place. Everyone is taught differently how to talk and fix a problem, but adding another person into the mixture changes the situation. People need to learn constructive feedback so they can sustain a healthy relationship and discuss issues that occur without offending their partner. People are not always aware of the negative things they say or do, and these guidelines might help to keep more relationships growing and developing over time.

c. Agree/Disagree

I agree with the lecture that giving effective feedback is very important especially in today?s society with the increase in divorce rates. Constructive feedback is a learned behavior, not something everyone is born with, so knowing this information could help many to re-evaluate how they speak to their partners in an intimate relationship. ?Constructive feedback is more useful and beneficial to the receiver because it provides encouragement, support, corrective measures and direction? ( All of these focus statements are important understand so when something does arise in the relationship, the situation can be determined with respectable input from one another, rather than causing more problems and chaos through judgments and accusations.

d. Evaluation

1. Flaws/Weaknesses

It gives eight wonderful tips on how to SPEAK with your partner through constructive feedback, but does not add in the other huge aspect of communication, which is listening. Some effective listening skills that could have been included in the lecture are:

-Repeat what is said to you

-Maintain eye contact and provide non-verbal cues

-Avoid outside distractions

-Listen from the heart

-Ask clarifying questions


Also along with listening, I don?t think the feedback will work in a relationship if the couple is not willing to keep an open mind. Here are five ways that an open mind can be accomplished:

-Speak your Truth

-Act, Don’t React

-Respect Yourself & Others

-Be Flexible

-Temper Expectations


2. Good Points

All of the points are useful for any relationship, but I thought the best points were using ?I? statements and behavior rather than on the person. Both of these topics deal with figuring out alternative ways to talk negatively or down to your partner. I think way too many people in this world do not want to take responsibility for their actions. Whereas, this pinpoints what the person wants rather than belittling their partner as to what they are not giving in the relationship. This could help relationships to learn effective communication skills and strategies.

e. Final Summary

1. I learned a lot of information in this lecture regarding constructive rather than destructive feedback. I never thought about how important and relevant this knowledge could be for relationships that are struggling due to a lack of communication. It shows straightforward guidelines that could be of great use to dialogues in intimate relationships.

2. I would recommend this lecture for anyone because not only is this information important for intimate relationships, but also friendships and business relationships. As I stated earlier, feedback is a social skill, so having this knowledge could positively change a past negative behavior. The advantages to learning these techniques could benefit a person in every aspect of life from children, to partner, to friends, and even to co-workers and bosses.

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