Seven Up Documentary Paper

| April 3, 2014

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Background information about the essay/paper:
Our prof. showed us a documentary called, “Seven Up” plus Seven. It tracks students since they were 7 years of age to the age of 56. They’re tracked at the interval of 7 years. So, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49 and the last episode was in 2012, when they turned 56. We were asked to pick one student from a boarding school, there were many kids to choose from. We were asked after the first series (when they were 7 years old) to make a prediction about their: a) Education, b) Career, c) Family etc. and then we were shown other series to see how accurate we were in determining the future of the child and what that says about us as educators. My prediction about the student I chose became TRUE (I know, even I’m shocked!!!).
The child (character)
1) Education: Will attend university
2) Career: Educator (Teacher)
3) Family: Very discipline and rule oriented.
4) My own assessment after seeing him speak at the age of 7: He seemed to follow instructions as they’re presented. It comes to him naturally. It could also be a result of him having grown up in a family with discipline and structure in the house. He has an understanding of people of color as uncivilized. He is a type of person to do as he is told and he will not defy the instructions being given.
Here are the instructions for completing the assignment.
1) Summarize the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of your prediction.
2) Use concepts from course readings and class discussions to critically analyze why things turned out as they did. (I will provide articles + research papers. You must use them. If you’ve additional sources, you’re free to use but you must also make a use of the research articles we discussed in class)
3) Reflect critically (there’s that word again!) on your response(s) – surprise? Satisfaction? Anger? Pleasure? Frustration? Disappointment? – both to what happened to that child and to how well you predicted; and
4) Consider what your prediction, and your reactions, say about you as a teacher.
Note that there is not enough space in this assignment for a lengthy summary of episodes; stick to what is relevant to your discussion. Additionally, remember that it is far less important to predict correctly than to think critically about your prediction vis-à-vis what actually happened, and what is revealed about your in the process. Therefore, we were told to focus on: Age 7, Age 21 and 28 and if you like 56. So, only make reference to those years, because then it would do a full justice to those years as opposed to focusing on every year then it will seem like a disjointed paper.
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