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| April 23, 2014

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Score Analysis/Presentation
The score you need to analyze is 16 measures minimum
– You may check out, scan, or photocopy the music scores. Ultimately, you will be submitting a portion of the score with required information written throughout, therefore you will need to photocopy.
Score Analysis include/indicate the following:
– Key.
– Note whether the work is in a major or minor key.
– Harmonic analysis using roman numerals underneath the lowest indicated clef on major beats. For example, 4/4 on major beats (4 per measure).
– Indicate the chords according to quality i.e. upper case for major chords, lower case for minor chords, and a small circle after the minor chord if it is diminished, and augmented has a plus sign (+) after the chord i.e. A+.
– Indicate what instrument(s) are playing the melody. Hint: it may be one instrument or a combination.
– Indicate one half cadence (if there is one), and an authentic cadence.
– Time signature.
– Tempo marking.
– Circle dynamic markings.
– Form of the entire piece.
Please analyze Fur Elise of Ludwig Van Beethoven. Just analyze 16 measures of it. And you need to either write or circle directly on the paper, and write on separate paper for needed detail.
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