scientific lab report

| April 14, 2015
scientific lab report
Lab report( the discussion section)
The discussion MUST be correctly and well referenced with current relevant literature from peer reviewed scientific journals. The discussion should have 3 sections.
Section 1: Discuss the final results you obtained for each stage. Clearly discuss the main findings from each section and how one results section lead on to the next, highlighting any issues that may have affected your results and/or progression from one stage to the next stage. i.e. create a logical progression of the ‘flow’ of the whole experiment from start to finish.
Section 2: You should then come to a final conclusion discussion point as to the success or otherwise of the entire experiment. What conclusions can you draw from the project and the final result.
Section 3: Finally you should discuss what would you and/or other researches could/should do next with your findings. Here you should include a Plasmid Map(s) figure (Figure 5). This should be produced from the ‘mapping’. You MUST also discuss what’s been previously beeb published in the literature about this research topic. State what the key impact of your results in relation to these previous findings is. Why should other people care about your ‘result’ and what could you or they do to further this research.
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